Automatic Nail
Nail Debris Storage
and Easy Cleaning
This intelligent nail clipper not only clips your nails but also features a built-in nail polishing function. Achieve smooth, salon-quality nails in one simple step.
Real Person
Effect Evaluattion
All-in-one clipping and grinding, easy to operate,
leaves nails round and clean
Before trimming
After trimming
High Safety and
Ergonomic Design
the blade is hidden behind a curved groove and the recessed cutter allows for perfect nail separation while ensuring safety especially for babies and people with eye problems.
Integrated Lighting
The device is equipped with integrated lighting to ensure you have clear visibility, even in low-light conditions. Say goodbye to accidental nicks and cuts
Nail Debris Storage
and Easy Cleaning
Nail clippings from nail clipping are collected in the product's storage box. By pressing the upper part of the window, you can easily open and dump the nail clippings for quick and easy cleaning
Nail storage box
TYPE-C Charging
Recharge your nail clipper effortlessly with TYPE-C charging. Stay powered up and ready to go
Color Options: White, Blue
Power Supply: USB Charging
Charging Time: 1-2 h
Size: As shown
Instructions :
1.Open the front cover.
2. Press Power Button
Insert Nail to Begin
3. Each Finger Takes
10 Seconds for a Full Trim
4.Press Button to Empty
Nail Clippings from Storage Box
Color :
Quantity :
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