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Multifunctional Dog Walking Leash with Water Bottle

Multifunctional Dog Walking Leash with Water Bottle

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Hydration is very important for dogs because pets have twice the body temperature of the average human. Walking can cause your pet to become dehydrated, which can be hazardous to their health and require veterinary care. Carrying extra water bottles on walks can also take up too much space in a backpack, which can be a burden for walking your dog.

This Multifunctional Dog Walking Leash with Water Bottle offers an integrated water reservoir and a collapsible bowl for hydration and snacks. This leash will fulfill all your dog's walking needs and allow them to enjoy a healthy life. Enjoy longer walks without having to carry water bottles or other liquids, making beach walks more enjoyable.

How the dog leash will change your dog's life

 Hydrate anywhere, anytime
A water bottle with a capacity of 350 ml is stored in the leash. This way, you can easily fetch water without having to transport additional equipment.
The leash includes a collapsible bowl that fits easily into the leash. You can easily hydrate your animal without having to carry a water bottle.

Dog Bags Everywhere!
The leash includes a hidden waste bag dispenser for easy cleanup of your dog's waste. You can also enjoy hands-free walks with the poop bag holder.

Durable Dog Leash

The dog leash is very durable for your dog. Ensure maximum durability on even the toughest walks for longer and more enjoyable walks.


We know that not being able to tell if your dog is dehydrated can be frustrating. Potential health implications can also lead to unwanted problems and unpleasant walks. Without knowing, dogs don't show signs of fatigue. One study suggests that veterinary treatment can cost up to $200.

Fortunately, with our leashes, you can rest assured that you can always provide your pet with water. Because leashes are so practical, you can carry less equipment and take the strain off your back and shoulders. With a healthy dog, you can take the longest walks with confidence.

Package includes
Multifunctional Dog Walking Leash with Water Bottle*1

Multifunctional Dog Walking Leash with Water Bottle1 m 

Leash length 1 meter, width 2 cm

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